Stoic Week Special: My Talk on Stoic Philosophy!

Hey guys, how is everyone enjoying their Stoic week? I hope that some of you have taken this opportunity to look into some of the teachings and texts and gained the benefits of this highly practical ancient philosophy!

As part of Stoic Week 2013 I gave a one hour talk on the practical application of Stoic philosophy at the Rathmines Public Library in Dublin. The talk is titled “What is Truly Within Your Power” and it is reproduced in its entirety below. Although I’ve done many gigs and some stage acting I’d never done this kind of speaking engagement. I’ll be honest, it was pretty nerve wracking but I’m glad I did it and hearing the positive feedback from those who attended has given me a lot of encouragment :)

So I hope you enjoy the talk. Please excuse the audio, at times it might be a little tricky to make out exactly what I’m saying, but for the most part it should be perfectly audible. I hope you enjoy the talk and find some of it to be interesting!

Oh and for more info regarding Stoic Week 2013 please check out the Official Page!

Thanks for watching! All the best :)


3 thoughts on “Stoic Week Special: My Talk on Stoic Philosophy!

  1. This was so cool and trippy to see and hear you haha you’re real ! – yeah Duck, bloggers are real ._.
    I didn’t know that you left school at 16 though, (if I heard that right) based on the things I’ve read and heard of you I’d never have guessed :0
    Plus, enjoying the accent immensely (Y)

  2. Awesome….! Congratulations buddy. This is added to my youtube watch later list. I have been doing some talks in schools in past few months…it has been a real learning experience! Takes a lot of courage to step out there — and not to mention hours and hours of preparation :P Hope you are doing well and have a great Christmas and new year. I’ve fallen wayyyyy behind with my blogging, both writing and reading. I’ve missed you! :)

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